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Font history

The path of Kobzar KS creation starts at Taras Shevchenko National Museum. Namely, from the facsimile edition of handwritten miscellany “Try Lita (Three Summers)”, accidentally found in museum’s archive by designers from Lviv. The peculiarity of the book was obvious right away. Author’s handwriting danced proudly through pages, breathed, and in fact –lived the full life. It would be a crime to lock it on paper alone. Together with “Kyivstar” designers from Lviv decided to set the writer’s handwriting free and create a unique font based on it.

Fulfilling the idea proved to be quite the challenge. To transform writer’s immense charisma into digital code it was essential to thoroughly study his written work. But miscellany “Try Lita” was stored in closed museum archive, thus being hard to access freely. Nevertheless, despite all complications, the font was born to the world, one of a kind.

The Kobzar KS font is light and expressive. Owing to considerable amount of ligatures and alternatives, letters smoothly fall into the line, and inscriptions look very natural. This font will make any text touchy and heartfelt. Moreover, it’s the best way to enrich any text with national Ukrainian feel.


About “Try Lita”

Try Lita

Ten years of freedom and strict prohibition on writing and drawing was the price Shevchenko paid for his poetical miscellany “Try Lita”. No wonder: bold, providing edgy political subtext, even today his poems touch heart. One can’t help but feel goose bumps from the immortal and ever-present relevance of his lines…

The pages of the book are soaked with faith in his comrades and compatriots, and passionate love for Ukraine. Embrace it and you will also feel your heart changing. Love is the single most powerful thing in the world. And it can unite. Let’s show the world there’s no limit to our love for our country!

Бо не було того лыха дива

Може споконъ вику,

Щобъ щаслыва була жинка

Зъ Слипымъ чоловикомъ!





Kobzar KS

Шрифт Kobzar KS вобрал в себя харизму украинского поэта, смелость, стремление к свободе и независимости. Он очень легкий и выразительный. Это идеальный способ добавить тексту украинского колорита.